Every 23 seconds a new immigrant enters the US.

-Language should never be a barrier.

-Translations, USA interprets your needs.

-There are 6,900 known  spoken languages in the world today.

-Translations, USA is committed to faithful and accurate communication.

-The top ten languages spoken in the US after English are:

Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Cantonese, Arabic,

Polish, Portuguese and French.

-People from all walks of life rely on our skilled, professional team

of interpreters.

-There are 473 languages presently in extinction. They are classified this way when only a few elderly speakers are still living (generally 8 or less, when all of them die it is then considered a dead language). 

Endangered Languages:

Africa (46 languages)

The Americas (182 languages)

Asia (84 languages)

Europe (9 languages)

The Pacific (152 languages)

 Members of: American Translators Association, National Association  of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, International Federation of  Interpreters and Translators Association, RID- Registry of Interpreters  for the Deaf, MITA –Medical Interpreters and Translators Association