About Translations, USA- Who we are and what we do:

Translations, USA is an interpreting and translating agency offering on-site, telephone, video, e-mail and on-line interpreting and translating services.  Our services are offered in 140 languages and dialects including American Sign (ASL), Tactile, International Sign, and Braille  by certified, qualified, accredited, professional and language skilled translators and interpreters.  From personal letters, technical manuals, patents, immigration, legal and medical document translation to on-line, or on-site interpreting, our translators and interpreters bring to your doorsteps decades of translating and interpreting experience.

Translations, USA, a family-owned business,  opened  its doors for the first time as a translating agency  in 1999 in the metropolitan city of Coral Gables-Miami and a home office in Port St. Lucie with one Spanish><English translator.  As the local demand for interpreters increased, two interpreter- associates came on board, later five others joined the team and we expanded to ten languages and became a multilingual interpreting/translating agency.  A couple of years later, the Palm City office opened and our Coral Gables office remained as a billing/marketing office. Today, Translations, USA has three main offices strategically located in the Treasure Coast, downtown Orlando and Miami’s Brickell Bayview. 

Translations USA is a Florida State approved vendor and a major provider of certified and court approved  interpreters for Federal and State courts throughout the  state of Florida.  As a Florida State approved vendor we  also provide interpreting services to law firms, immigration, local government agencies, educational institutions, and community service providers.  Our interpreting  services are also extended to local  residents and businesses for assistance in community and private matters, local and  out of state  businesses for conferences, trade shows,  holiday functions, language tutoring, tourist liaisons,   client  interviews, and telephone interpreting.  Local schools use our services for parent/teacher meetings,student evaluations,  conferences, interviews and administrative hearings.  We provide assistance to hospitals, mental/ health facilities, insurance interviews for certified examinations, rehabilitation, pre and post surgery, surgery,  medical appointments and therapy sessions.  Services are also provided to banks, real estate and title companies for interviews, transactions and closings.  Our interpreting services are available  on site, via telephone or remote video.  

Our translating division offers  translating services in all areas of translation including but not limited to  school diplomas, transcripts, student records, financial and real estate documents, vital statistic records such as birth, marriage, death certificates, divorce decrees, judicial orders, legal documents, audio and video sound files,  literary books, technical and company manuals as well as patents, advertisements, product labels, and subtitling of documentaries, movies, and commercial advertising.  Project delivery is available electronically, via courier or pick up depending on the contents of the translation project.

All of our interpreting and translating services are available in over 140 languages and dialects including American Sign and International Sign languages and are held to the strictest of professional confidentiality guidelines in place by the National State Courts, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators Association,  RID- Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, International Federation of Interpreters and Translators Association,American Translators Association, and  MITA –Medical Interpreters and Translators Association to which Translations, USA and its interpreters and translators adhere.

About our Translators…

Delivering a true and correct translation of both the original text and work interpretation is critical.  This is why selecting a professional translating service is so important.

Translations, USA has the scale and experience to address your most difficult translation projects.  Our professional teams of translators translate, analyze, edit and proofread the documents to ensure both word and language nuances are properly addressed; thereby delivering a confidential  true and correct high quality translation.

About our Interpreters…

Our  interpreters possess expert language skills and the experience you can  count on for accurate, objective, and confidential interpretation. As with our translators, our interpreters are held to the strictest of professional confidentiality guidelines. 

In a few words…

With over 140 languages and dialects at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can be depended on as your primary translation/interpretation source.

Our extensive network of language professionals makes us the partner of choice for all your multilingual needs.  We are always available –anytime- anywhere- any language!


Members of: American Translators Association, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, International Federation of Interpreters and Translators Association, RID- Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, MITA –Medical Interpreters and Translators Association